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Kirchheim's oldest inn

It is the listed Inn Gugler, which is now run as the DUFKE restaurant and can look back on six generations of Kirchheim hospitality.

The property can be traced back to a house that Johann Georg Andreas had built in Kirchheim in 1832. The one-story house was bought in 1862 by Jakob Gugler. He initially leased his new property to Georg Andreas, who was an innkeeper, brewer and merchant.

His descendant Heinrich Gugler had a malt house built in 1885. In 1893 the building was converted into a prestigious inn with driveway and dance hall on the upper floor.

The heir, Wilhelm Gugler, settled in the ancestral property as an "host and malt manufacturer", and the name "Mälzerei Restaurant Wilh. Gugler" can still be read on the façade. His son, Wilhelm Gugler, trained as a maltster and master brewer, modernised the malthouse in the 1940s and converted the dance hall into guest rooms in 1959.

In the early 1960s, the entrance to the restaurant was moved to the courtyard entrance.

Malt production ceased in the late 1960s. In 1969 a fully automatic bowling alley was installed in the former malt house. This continued to operate until around 2000.

In 1981, her daughter Marianne Dufke inherited the property. Marianne, a qualified master maltster who had assisted her parents in the restaurant and malting business for many years, subsequently concentrated on looking after the guest rooms while the inn was leased out.

Source: Dufke family & Philipp Körner

The restaurant has been in family hands again since 2008: Marianne and Lienhard Dufke's son, Thomas Dufke, and his wife Mandy Dufke have lovingly revived it in a modern tradition.

„Eating in a homely atmosphere, top quality food at a fair prices!“

Our philosophy comes from the experiences which we made at various places during the last few years.

With Thomas Dufke, not only a professional chef but also an experienced master butcher is returning to the restaurant. His wife Mandy, a trained hotel manager, ensures that guests are treated professionally and warm treatment of guests.

We appreciate your visit!