starts at 5:30 p.m.


Create your own dish by selecting from the options below:

1 Schnitzel “Vienna Style”

- Breaded and pan-fried(30,31) 
    - "Hunter´s Style" (Sauce with mushrooms)
    - "Gypsy Style" (Sauce with peppers and chili(1))
    - with cream-pepper sauce(32)
    - with cream sauce(32)
    - with fried egg (sunny side up)
    - with cooked cheese(32)
    - "Hunter´s Style" (cream Sauce(32) with mushrooms)
- Unbreaded and pan-fried 
    - baked with pineapple and cheese(3,32)
    - baked with pear, cranberry and cheese(3,32)
    - with horseradish crust
    - with a courgette and - feta cheese(32) - bonnet

Side dishes

French fries, croquettes(30,31)
or fried potatoes
12,50 €